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My name is Steven and as a college math professor I can help you with all the math tutoring that you need. I have decades of math tutoring experience. Note that the 1st contact is FREE if you don't like the service. I do the online private instructions in one of two ways:

  1. Interactive internet online tutoring sessions:  We use our computers interactively. I have a 6ft by 4ft Smartboard (electronic whiteboard) on which I write and the information appears on your monitor screen at the same time. We will talk to one another by telephone. The great thing about this is I also record the sessions and will email you an audio-visual recording of the entire session that you can playback as often as you like whenever you want. I offer the 1st half hour for free but if you like the service then I expect you to stay for an entire paid hour.
  2. Email:  Alternatively you can email your questions to me. I will solve the problems and either email the solutions to you or I can answer the questions on my whiteboard (which is taped) and email back to you an audio-visual taped response. As a free trial I will answer your first question for free via an audio-visual tape or by email (you decide)

You donít need a lot of computer skills and I will walk you through what you need to know for a successful online math tutoring session, which is really easy. In order to figure out what is best for you, you can email me your phone number ( and the best times to call or you can call me at 845-399-8136

Please go to to see an audio-visual demonstration of my system.

Looking forward to working with you,

Steven Gottlieb

(845) 399-8136

Math Videos and Online Tutoring - Instructional videos and tutoring for all levels through graduate school. All tutoring by college math professor. After a tutoring session you receive a recording of the entire tutoring session which you can view whenever you as often as you like.



Private instructions is at the rate of $45/hour

Free trial for first 30 minutes!!



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